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A Collection of Hilarious Automotive Jokes (click to be taken to another page where you can select from the array of great ones available)

The Monkey Joke: Microsoft format- .wmv or YouTube  (an old but funny joke, told in a new and hilarious format)

MasterCard Commercial--Priceless!   Microsoft format- .asf or YouTube (a couple at the end of a date, outside her family's front door)

Child Rearing: Microsoft format or YouTube (an ad for an unexpected product)

Jet Plane ("The TSA Theme Song"; ~ 3.3 Megs)

Copper Clappers: Microsoft format or YouTube (Johnny Carson and Jack Web)

Library Blonde: Microsoft format or YouTube (In the library)

Bulldog Exercise : Microsoft format- .wmv or YouTube  (not-so-stupid pet trick)

In the Waiting Room: Microsoft format- .wmv or YouTube  (an amusing cellphone drama)

The Piano Brothers: Microsoft format- .wmv or YouTube  (an unusual musical performance)

Motorola Commercial: Microsoft format- .asf or YouTube  (a woman reading a book, then dialing the telephone)

Foreplay (goings on in the bedroom; ~ 1.5 Megs)


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